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* If using Ext4, make sure you are using Ext4 extents. Extents help reduce file system fragmentation.
* We recommend RAID 1, 10, or 1E whether hardware or software RAID.   Parity RAID 5/6 is not well suited for high rates of random read/write performance required by a disk safe.
* Avoid LVM for best performance.
* Do not use Ext3.
** Storing Disk Safes on Ext3 can result in disk corruption.  Add the mount option barrier=1 to /etc/fstab on Ext3 file systems where Disk Safes are stored, *OR* disable your storage controller's write cache. Ext3 does not check sum the journal. If barrier=1 is not enabled as a mount option (in /etc/fstab), and if the hardware is doing out-of-order write caching, you run the risk of severe file system corruption during a crash. For more information, [click here|].