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Most MySQL installations (also the default) are configured so that their MySQL data directory, MyISAM tables, and InnoDB table spaces and logs are all located on the same volume.  It is possible to locate tables on different devices.  Particularly this is seen with InnoDB where the table space is on one device and the journal Innobase log on another device.  Or even the InnoDB table space can be split across multiple devices.  If this is the case then the R1Soft CDP server (as of 2.0) fail to add the new MySQL instance to your backup policy.  The challenge is that the entire database must be cleanly part of the same snapshot.  This is not possible if different files of database storage are located on different devices.

R1Soft is adding the ability to synchronize multiple volumes in one snapshot to their [CDP 3.0 technology|CDP Product Road Map].  Look for this in a version of CDP 3.0