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To delete a Recovery Point in CDP, follow the instructions below.

1. Open the Web browser connected to the CDP Server Web Interface and log in. (See [CDP3:Accessing Standard Edition Web Interface], [Accessing Enterprise Edition Web Interface], [CDP3:Accessing Advanced Edition Web Interface].)


21. Click on "Recovery Points" in the Main Menu to open the "Recovery Points" window.
|| Standard Edition || Enterprise Edition || Advanced Edition ||
| !menu-recp-st.png! | !menu-recpoints.png! | !menurecoverypointadva.png!\\ |
32. {color:#ff3300}{*}Enterprise Edition{*}{color}: In the "Recovery Points" list, select an Agent from the drop-down menu located on the "Recovery Points" list toolbar.
|| Enterprise Edition | !109.png!\\ ||
43. Select a Disk Safe from the drop-down menu located on the "Recovery Points" list toolbar.
|| Standard, Advanced Edition | !rec_points_3_10.png! ||
|| Enterprise Edition | !110.png!\\ ||
54. In the "Recovery Points" list, find a Recovery Point and click on the "Merge" icon in the "Actions" column for this Recovery Point.\\
{info:title=Tip}To find a Recovery Point, you can use the Basic Filter. See [CDP3:Customizing the Recovery Points List].
{info} !118.png!\\
{info:title=Note}You can also use the "Bulk Edit" function. Check several items in the list and click on "Bulk Edit" in the top toolbar. See [Bulk Merging|#bulk] further.
65. Confirm your request to delete the Recovery Point by clicking on "Merge" in the displayed confirmation window.


76. The Recovery Point disappears from the list.
{info:title=Tip}The Task results can be sent via Email as a Report. See [Reporting].