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There are two methods of installing CDP Standard Edition:
* *Automatic* {color:#000000}--{color} Adding the R1Soft packages repository to the *APT* (Advanced Packaging Tool) or *YUM* (Yellowdog Updater, Modified) configuration when installing CDP Enterprise Server using {{apt-get}} or {{yum.}}
* *Manual* {color:#000000}--{color} Downloading the R1Soft binary packages and installing them using {{dpkg}} or {{rpm.}}

All four package managers {color:#000000}--{color} {{apt-get}}, {{yum}}, {{dpkg}}, and {{rpm}} {color:#000000}--{color} are Linux console applications. They can be started in a remote SSH session, in a GUI terminal window (Konsole in KDE, Gnome Terminal in Gnome, etc.), or on the Linux text console.