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R1Soft CDP for Hosting Control Panels is a reliable solution for backing up Hosting Control Panel user accounts. By means of a Web iInterface, Control Panel users may access their account backups created over time, download them as archive, or restore from them. Users may use their Control Panel credentials to access their backups.

{note:title=Notice for 3.18 Version}To work with v. 3.18, users must upgrade their cPanel plugin for autologin.{note}
# Restore selected files to their original location. See [Restoring Your Control Panels Account|Restoring Your Control Panel Account].
# Download files to local computer and upload files via FTP to website (Control Panel {{home}}). See [Downloading Your Control Panel Backup to Local Computer].
# Send a TAR or ZIP archive containing selected or all files to the Control Panel {{home}} directory. See [Sending Your Control Panel Account Backup to Control Panel Home].