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h6. CDP Task Hanging

This release corrects an issue in 3.18.0 where all tasks on the CDP Server would lock and/or the CDP Server UI became completely unresponsive. This issue is typically triggered by larger scale CDP Servers where all or most Disk Safes are in a single volume. Due to the severity of this issue and our commitment to quality as a precaution 3.18.0 was made unavailable for 3 days while we isolated the problem and made corrections. This issue is very difficult to reproduce, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

h6. Support of Localized Character Sets

This release corrects an issue where invalid values were returned when using localized character sets.

h6. Access to Non Supported Features in Advance Edition
h4. What To Do If You Find An Issue in This Release

# Log on to the support portal [].
# Create a new issue. Enter CDP 3 for the version.

h3. Documentation

You can access CDP 3 documentation here: [].