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This error indicates that the CDP Agent kernel driver is not installed for the running kernel on the agent's Operating System. This can happen when the agent OS is rebooted into a new kernel after running an upgrade (usually {{apt}} or {{yum}}). Or this can occur if you have not installed a CDP Agent kernel driver after the initial install of the CDP Agent.
Each time a new kernel is installed on a Linux CDP Agent or upon the first time installing the CDP Agent, you must ensure that you have a CDP Agent kernel driver for your current running kernel. You can install a kernel module for the agent by using the r1soft-setup utility, after ensuring verifying that you have the kernel-devel or kernel-headers in the Linux OS that match your current running kernel.
{info:title=Note}Please refer to your Linux distribution documentation for more information about kernel devel and kernel headers [|]

lsmod | grep hcpdriver

root@shell:/lib/modules/r1soft# modinfo hcpdriver-cki-2.6.38-11-server.ko