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|| Technology || Physical Server Install || Guest (Virtual Machine) Install ||
| *MS Hyper-V* | Yes \\
Protects all VHDs (Virtual Machines) with one install using the MS Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Hyper-V Writer. {info:title=Note}R1Soft recommends running the latest service packs and Hyper-V hot fixes to get critical Hyper-V VSS patches from MS.{info}\\ | Yes \\
Can optionally be installed inside of guest VMs. This is only required for Linux guests. |
| *Citrix XenServer 5* | No | Install into guest VMs (domU) |
| *Parallels Virtuozzo Containers* | Yes \\
Install onto physical host. Take snapshots and back up your virtual machines using the MS Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Virtuozzo Writer. {info:title=Notes}* Entire containers can be restored. Individual files within containers cannot be restored.
* The Virtuozzo VSS Writer has a known issue: it can fail when VMs are disabled.{info}\\ | No |
| *Parallels Cloud Server* | N/A \\ | Install into Parallels HVMs running Windows |