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* Other cases.

If your license has expired, you will receive a popup like the following. Click "Next" to proceed with the activation. !License Activation 1.png|border=1!

!License Activation 1.png|border=1!

To reactivate the license, follow the instructions below.

1. Click *Advanced Options* in the Main Menu and then click *License Information*. The _License Information_ screen displays. !License Information screen.png|border=1!

!License Information screen.png|border=1!

2. Click the *Re-Activate License* button. The _License Activation_ window displays. !License Activation 1.png|border=1!

!License Activation 1.png|border=1!

3. Click *Next* to continue the reactivation process.

4. Select one of the following activation options and click the *Next *button.
* *Online activation*. Use online activation. Online activation is automatic and requires the computer with the Backup Manager installed to be able to connect directly to [].
* *Manual activation*. Use manual activation. Manual activation requires you to paste a coded message to a website form, download the license key file, then upload it to this Backup Manager installation. !License Activation 2.png|border=1!

!License Activation 2.png|border=1!

Only perpetual licenses can be manually activated. Trial licenses, heartbeat licenses, and pooled licenses need to access the licensing server in order to operate.