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{color:windowtext}Save and exit the file, and restart the Backup Manager service. {color}{color:#000000} {color}

h4. To redirect server.log output to an external or central log host


{color:windowtext}Configure the {color}{color:windowtext}rootLogger{color}{color:windowtext} as explained above, and then update the following line in to reflect the hostname or IP of the central log host.{color}


{color:#000000}It's also possible to specify a custom port  by appending :PORT to the end of the line.{color}




{color:windowtext}Typically this single step is these steps are sufficient to successfully send the server.log output to syslog. {color}{color:windowtext}If after making the change listed above, the server.log output is not being sent to syslog (or if only startup messages are being sent), some additional configuration may be necessary to redirect the complete log. {color}{color:windowtext} {color}{color:windowtext}In most cases, this is because the UDP receiver may not be enabled. This option p{color}{color:windowtext}rovides the ability to receive syslog messages via UDP.{color}{color:windowtext} {color}