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{color:#172b4d}However, since this option can be destructive, we have made this a 2-Part process, for enabling and using this feature.{color}

{color:#172b4d}          a. Control Panel Admin needs to enable the option. To know more, visit {color}{color:#172b4d}[ServerBackupManager:Enabling the innodb_force_recovery option|ServerBackupManager:Enabling the innodb_force_recovery option]{color}

{color:#172b4d}          b. Control Panel End users can then use the innodb_force_recovery option. To know more, control panel end users can visit the{color} [ServerBackupManager:Restore MySQL databases with innodb_force-recovery|ServerBackupManager:Restore MySQL databases with innodb_force-recovery] page.

h1. {color:#172b4d}{*}Fixed Issues{*}{color}