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{color:windowtext}However, if the Maintenance Agreement of a Perpetual License Holder does lapse, then under the terms of the agreement, for re-instatement of the Maintenance Agreement, the following conditions will apply:{color}{color:windowtext} {color}
# {color:windowtext}rReinstate Maintenance Agreement within one year of termination or lapse{color}{color:windowtext}: {color}{color:windowtext} {color}
{color:windowtext}If a customer would like to reinstate their Maintenance Agreement, and they are within a time period of 365 days from lapse/termination of their earlier Maintenance Agreement then they can do so {color}{color:windowtext}by contacting their Account Manager at R1Soft. They will be liable to make a payment of then-current listed price of maintenance fees for the upcoming 365-day period of the Maintenance Agreement plus an amount equal to 150% of the maintenance fees that would have accrued during the period subsequent to such termination or lapse. {color}{color:windowtext} {color}
{color:windowtext} {color}
# {color:windowtext}rReinstate Maintenance Agreement {color}{color:windowtext}after{color}{color:windowtext} one year of termination or lapse{color}{color:windowtext}:{color}{color:windowtext} {color}
{color:windowtext}For such customer{color}{color:windowtext}, who would like to reinstate their Maintenance Agreement, but have a Maintenance Agreement that lapsed or was terminated over 365 days from the time they wish to reinstate, should reach out to your Account Manager at the earliest. For such customers, we would have to handle the scenario on a case to case basis. {color}{color:windowtext} {color}
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