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h2. Known Issues affecting upgrades to Server Backup Manager 5.6.0 (post release)
h3. >MySQL database backups can be affected if only +one+ of the Server Backup components is upgraded to version 5.6.0x by the time a MySQL backup occurs.

In cases where either the Backup Agent is upgraded to 5.6.0x before the Server Backup Manager, or the Server Backup Manager is upgraded before the Agent, Server Backup will be unable to connect to the MySQL database. The following are example errors which may appear in the log:

h5. Upgrade the remaining Server Backup components to version 5.6.0x. Please see the 5.6.01 release notes for more information about upgrades. []

h3. >Server Backup Manager fails to start after upgrading to version 5.6.0x.

In cases where the Server Backup Manager components were originally installed with version 4.2.x or earlier, and have been upgraded as new releases became available, the server.conf file is saved as an archive during each upgrade. Upgrading to version 5.6.0 may cause a merging of the new server.conf file resulting in an unintended corruption of a class path. When this occurs, Server Backup Manager is unable to start. The following are example errors which may appear in the log: