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Following an update of the Backup Agent software, the cdp process may fail to start due to an incompatible, deprecated system glibc version. The R1Soft Server Backup Agent for release versions greater than 5.12 requires a minimum glibc version of 2.5.

On Linux operating systems, you can check the glibc version using the following command:

Downgrade the Backup Agent installation to a previous release version which supports the older version of glibc.

Older releases of the R1Soft Server Backup Manager Agent will support older versions of glibc. The Backup Agent has a limited set of functionality which does not change frequently. The Server Backup Manager is generally compatible with older Agent versions. If you have any specific concerns, then please contact R1Soft Support.

The recommended Backup Agent version in most circumstances is 5.10.1, which can be found here: