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*Server Backup Manager allows you to:*
* Back up many servers. 
* Back up as many systems as your license and hardware allows
* Manage multiple users, user groups, and privileges
* Define disk quotas and service-level agreements
* Define storage quotas
* Perform bare-metal restores
* Back up and restore databases
* Back up hosting control panel accounts
* Use the full API
* Archive data
* Archive backup data with a separate retention policy to FTP(S), Amazon Glacier, or AWS S3 compatible cloud storage.

*Server Backup Manager allows you to store your Disk Safes on:*
* Primary hard disks. The Disk Safes are automatically excluded from the replication.
* Secondary (backup) hard disks
* USB drives
* Network Attached Storage (NAS), such as NFS, CIFS/Windows share, etc.
* Any attached storage supported by the Server Backup Manager operating system
* Including Storage Area Networks (SANs) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, such as NFS, CIFS/Windows share, etc

*With Server Backup Manager, you can:*
* Select devices on the host for replication
* Define which files and folders on a device will be replicated, and exclude files and folders using complex exclude rules. (By default, all files and folders on the selected device are backed up.)
* Create a one-time or scheduled replication
* Create on demand or scheduled replication policies
* Define soft and hard disk space quotas
* Assign one or several data protection policies to a host
* Define recovery point retention for each policy
* Browse files on Disk Safes
* Track Disk Safes with built-in, on-disk journaling
* Specify multiple recovery point objectives in a single policy
* Browse files and databases stored in Disk Safes
* Merge or delete recovery points
* Restore all or selected files/folders from any recovery point
* Export the selected files/folders from any recovery point and save the extracted files/folders to an off-site server or local hard disk
* Copy Disk Safes between the Server Backup Manager installations. Disk Safes can be moved and copied like regular folders. 
* Copy Disk Safe Volumes between Server Backup Manager installations

*Server Backup Manager includes:*
* MySQL support
* MS SQL Server support
* MS Exchange support
* Bare-metal restore functionality
* Reports Reporting via email
* Multiple language support
* A robust API for automation of common tasks and integration with other services.
* Windows NTFS DACLs and SACLs Restore (allows you to restore Discretionary and System Access Control Lists)
* Advanced archiving rules with flexible data protection policies
* Recovery point archiving
* Advanced archiving rules with flexible data protection policies, keep offsite backups for disaster recovery, keep long term backups in cold storage for compliance, recover disk safes to the existing or a new backup manager.
* Hosting control panel integration
* Hosting control panel restore:
* Self-service restores through hosting control panel integration:
** cPanel (Linux)
** Plesk (Linux)
* [Add key to Linux Backup Agent]
* [Add the key to Windows Backup Agent]
* [Add servers Protected Machines to Backup Manager]
* [Create Disk Safes]
* [Create policies]