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* Back up hosting control panel accounts
* Use the full API
* Archive backup data on a separate schedule
* Archive backup data with a separate retention policy to FTP(S), Amazon Glacier, or AWS S3 compatible cloud storage.

*Server Backup Manager allows you to store your Disk Safes on:*
* Any attached storage supported by the Server Backup Manager operating system
* Including Storage Area Networks (SANs) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, such as NFS, CIFS/Windows share, etc

*With Server Backup Manager, you can:*
* Reporting via email
* Multiple language support
* A robust API for automation of common tasks and integration with other services.
* Windows NTFS DACLs and SACLs Restore (allows you to restore Discretionary and System Access Control Lists)
* Advanced archiving rules with flexible data protection policies
* Advanced archiving rules with flexible data protection policies, keep offsite backups for disaster recovery, keep long term backups in cold storage for compliance, recover disk safes to the existing or a new backup manager.
* Hosting control panel integration
* Self-service restores through hosting control panel integration:
* [Add key to Linux Backup Agent]
* [Add the key to Windows Backup Agent]
* [Add servers Protected Machines to Backup Manager]
* [Create Disk Safes]
* [Create policies]