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| *Build Date:* | 1/24/2018 |
| *Linux Manager/Agent Build Version:* | 6.6.1 build 36 |
| *Windows Agent Build Version:* | 6.6.0 build 12   \\ |
| *Windows Agent Build Version:* | 6.6.1 build 35    \\ |
{note:title=Debian and Ubuntu Users}
You will be unable to upgrade from a pre-6.2.2 version using {{apt-get upgrade}}. Instead, you will need to upgrade using either {{apt-get dist-upgrade}} OR {{apt-get install <package name>}}.
{note:title=Important Upgrade Notice}
Customers upgrading from Server Backup Manager 5.14.3\+ can upgrade as normal.&nbsp;If you are upgrading to 6.4 from any release previous to 5.14.3, this release introduces significant changes to the Disk Safe format which are incompatible with previous releases. Refer to&nbsp;_Important Upgrade Notices_&nbsp;in the [5.14.3 Release Notes|ServerBackupManager:Server Backup 5.14.3 Release Notes] for information on how to upgrade.

Customers upgrading from Server Backup Manager 6.2.2\+ can upgrade as normal, otherwise please upgrade to 6.2.2 first.

h1. New Features

* [Archive|ServerBackupManager:Manage archiving]&nbsp;has [Archive|Offsite Backup and Archival]&nbsp;has been extended to Amazon S3 and compatible services, IBM Cloud Object Storage, and Wasabi Cloud Storage.&nbsp; &nbsp;
* You can now update agents directly from the SBM UI.
* Improvements to user interface responsiveness.
{color:#000000}{*}Common Problems and Issues{*}{color}

* Multipath I/O storage configurations with duplicate device UUIDs are not supported and have been found to not function in some configurations.
* Partition table information is not gathered on KVM systems using the virtio driver. In order to perform a bare metal restore on these systems, the partition table must be manually recreated prior to the restore.
* When upgrading DCC and SBM from 5.6.2 to 5.12+, associated SBM servers may appear "offline". To resolve this issue, remove and re-add the SBM servers.
* The merge task may fail when you attempt to merge a recovery point that was interrupted due to CLOB/BLOB issues. If the merge fails due to this issue, merge the points one by one. After the merge fails, merge each recovery point one by one until the task is successful.
* Users who have Debian installations should note that a Debian-based machine that has both RPM and DEB packages installed is recognized as RPM-based only by Server Backup Manager.
* Users cannot set heap memory for more than 1024 MB using *serverbackup-setup \-m*. Even if there is more than enough space, Server Backup Manager displays a message indicating that memory specified must be smaller than 1024 MB. Edit server.conf to update memory settings.
* Users who have more than 1,500 mount points per device may experience performance issues during a file restore or when attempting to browse recovery and archive points.