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| *Build Date:* | 1/24/2018 |
| *Linux Manager/Agent Build Version:* | 6.6.1 build 36 |
| *Windows Agent Build Version:* | 6.6.0 build 12   \\ |
| *Windows Agent Build Version:* | 6.6.1 build 35    \\ |
{note:title=Debian and Ubuntu Users}
You will be unable to upgrade from a pre-6.2.2 version using {{apt-get upgrade}}. Instead, you will need to upgrade using either {{apt-get dist-upgrade}} OR {{apt-get install <package name>}}.
{note:title=Important Upgrade Notice}
Customers upgrading from Server Backup Manager 5.14.3\+ can upgrade as normal.&nbsp;If you are upgrading from any release previous to 5.14.3, this release introduces significant changes to the Disk Safe format which are incompatible with previous releases. Refer to&nbsp;_Important Upgrade Notices_&nbsp;in the [5.14.3 Release Notes|ServerBackupManager:Server Backup 5.14.3 Release Notes] for information on how to upgrade.

Customers upgrading from Server Backup Manager 6.2.2\+ can upgrade as normal, otherwise please upgrade to 6.2.2 first.