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This section provides you with complete instructions on how to use your *Linux Agent* and its *Command Line Interface (CLI)* tools.

The Linux Agent is the portion of the synchronization service that runs on the Linux Host system. A CDP (Backup) Agent is required for each of the Linux systems that will be using the R1Soft Backup services.

The Linux Agent does not require a GUI (X Window system) to run and can be installed on the Linux Host with text-mode interface only. The Linux Agent listens on TCP port 1167 for Backup and Restore requests from the CDP Server.
{info:title=Note}The Linux Agent must be installed on each Linux system that will use the synchronization service.
R1Soft Backup for Linux includes pre-built Kernel modules for most popular Linux distributions. The R1Soft CDP Agent will verify that the Host system is using a supported Linux-based operating system during the Agent installation. If you are using an unsupported distribution or have customized the Kernel of a supported distribution, you will need to run the R1Soft Custom Kernel Installer.

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