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Below is a list of common questions specific to CDP for MySQL. Each question is linked to a document for further information.

[How can I enable databases add-on for Agent?|Enabling Databases Add-On for Agent]
[How can I add MySQL instance to the Policy?|Adding MySQL Instance to the Policy]
[How can I allow remote connections to MySQL instance?|Allowing Remote Connections to MySQL Instance] (Version 3.12 or earlier)
[How can I browse MySQL instance?|Browsing MySQL Instance]
[How can I edit MySQL instance?|Editing MySQL Instance]
[How can I enable and disable MySQL instance?|Enabling and Disabling MySQL Instance]
[How can I test MySQL instance connection?|Testing MySQL Instance Connection]
[How can I delete MySQL instance?|Deleting MySQL Instance]
[How can I restore a MySQL database?|Restoring a MySQL Database]
[How can I restore MySQL databases to alternate locations?|Restoring MySQL Databases to Alternate Locations]
Common questions concerning CDP for MySQL.