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Follow the instructions below to browse file(s)/folder(s) in [Recovery Points] in CDP.

1. Click on "Recovery Points" in the Main Menu to open the "Recovery Points" window.
|| Standard Edition || Enterprise Edition || Advanced Edition ||
| !menu-recp-st.png! | !menu-recpoints.png! | !menurecoverypointadva.png!\\ |
2. {color:#ff3300}{*}Enterprise Edition{*}{color}: In the "Recovery Points" list, select an Agent from the drop-down menu located on the "Recovery Points" list toolbar.
|| Enterprise Edition | !Agent selection_English.png! ||
3. Select a Disk Safe from the drop-down menu located on the "Recovery Points" list toolbar.
|| Standard Edition | !DiskSafe selection_Advanced Edition_English.png!\\ ||
|| Advanced, Enterprise Edition | !DiskSafe selection_English.png!\\ ||
4. In the "Recovery Points" list, find a Recovery Point and click on the "Browse" icon in the "Actions" column for this Recovery Point.
|| Standard Edition | !rec_points__bro_3_10.png! ||
|| Advanced, Enterprise Edition | !111.png!\\ ||
{info:title=Tip}To find a Recovery Point, you can use the Basic and Advanced List Filters. See [Customizing the Recovery Points List].
5. "The Browse Recovery Point" window will open.
|| Standard Edition | !restore_REC.png! ||
|| Advanced, Enterprise Edition | !rec4.png! ||
6. Using the CDP Server Web Interface, browse the files and folders contained in the Recovery Point.

The built-in file browser functions like the Windows Explorer.
* To enter to a folder, double-click it.
{info:title=Note}Make sure you double-click the folder name (text) or icon to enter to the folder. If you double-click the cell background, nothing happens.
* To go to the parent folder, click on "Up."
* To go to the desired folder, manually type the path into the address bar and click "Go."
* To find out the current path, see the address bar.
* To change the number of items per page, type a value in the appropriate field. Currently, the maximum number of items per page is 25.
* To navigate by pages, click on the arrow icons or type a page number into the appropriate field.

* *Path*
* *Size*
* *Access Time*
* *Modify Time*

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to browse files and folders in Recovery Points in CDP.{excerpt}