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h3. Linux Installations

1. Start a remote SSH session to the server where the Backup Agent is running and get root permissions (via {{su}} or {{sudo}}).

2. Use the following command to restart the Backup Agent:
{code}/etc/init.d/cdp-agent restart{code}

h3. Windows Installations

*To restart the Backup Agent:*

1. Run the Windows Backup Manager Configuration Utility by clicking *Start > (All) Programs > Idera Server Backup > Backup Manager Configuration Utility* on the server where your Backup Agent is installed.

{info:title=Note}In Free and Advanced editions, the Backup Agent is built-in and automatically installed together with the Backup Manager on the same machine. If you are using the Free or Advanced editions, perform this task on the computer where your Backup Manager is installed.

2. Click *Services > Restart Server Backup Agent*. SBM displays a confirmation dialog box.

3. Click *OK* to confirm your request to restart the Backup Agent. Once the Backup Agent restarts, the utility displays a confirmation window.

4. Click *OK* to close this window.

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to restart the Backup Agent on Linux and Windows.{excerpt}