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{note:title=Notice}End-user level MySQL backup is not supported in the Backup Manager. Only super-users can complete MySQL backup.
Follow the instructions below to browse a MySQL Instance added to a Policy in your Server Backup Manager.
{info:title=Notice}Before you can browse the MySQL instance, make sure you have added it to the Policy and performed at least one replication. See [ServerBackupManager:Add a MySQL instance to a policy].
1. Click *Protected Machines* in the Main Menu. The _Protected Machines_ screen displays. 

2. Click the corresponding *Actions* icon for the protected machine you would like to browse and select *Open Recovery Points*. !Protected Machines - Open Recovery Points.png|border=1!

A list of all Recovery Points from the selected protected machine displays in the _Recovery Points_ window. 

3. If a Recovery Point contains a backup of MySQL instance, click the corresponding *Actions* icon and select *Browse Databases* to browse the instance.

!Recovery Points window - Browse Databases.png|border=1!

The _Browse Databases_ window displays.

4. In the _Browse Databases_ window, use the "*>*" icon to expand the trees and view the stored objects. !Browse Databases window.png|border=1!

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how to browse a MySQL instance added to a policy in Server Backup Manager.{excerpt}