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h3. Issue

In Server Backup Manager 6.2.1, you can access the Task History for a specific protected machine directly from the _Protected Machines_ page by clicking the _Actions_ icon for a machine and selecting *Task History*. You can also view a list of the most recently completed tasks on the Dashboard in the _Activity_ column on the right side of the page.

However, some customers are looking for a way to access their entire Task History like they could in previous versions of SBM. 

h3. Workaround

You can access the full _Task History_ page by manually adding {{/TaskHistory}} to the Backup Manager address in the browser address bar. (Example: {{[]}}) Note that this address is case sensitive. !KB - Task History workaround.png|border=1!

A direct link to the _Task History_ page is scheduled to be added to the Main Menu in the next release of Server Backup Manager.