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{info:title=Tip}License Pools allow customers to create and destroy their own CDP Server license out of their pool at the web portal [|]

To upgrade a license in the Pooled License:

1. Make sure that your license pool has been set up.

2. If your license pool has not been set up, you will need to contact your account manager.

h3. Step 1

In the [client portal|], click on the "License Pools" menu item.

h4. Step 2

Open the License Pool containing licenses that you would like to upgrade (if you have more than one).

h4. Step 3

Open the pooled license you would like to upgrade

h4. Step 4

Select the Upgrade button at the bottom of the screen.    Type the new number of servers to add to this license and select Continue.

h4. Step 5

Once you have completed the input entry form, you will be taken back to the overview screen that shows the changed quantities.

{excerpt:hidden=true}Instructions on how manage number of servers in a Pooled License.{excerpt}