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There are different kinds of disasters you may need to recover from. At Idera R1Soft, we consider any situation requiring you to take your server off-line to Restore as Disaster Recovery, and we call this Bare-Metal Restore. You typically want to perform a Bare-Metal Restore any time you need to Restore more than just a handful of files.

There are two options for performing a *Bare-Metal Restore*.
{info:title=Note}Disaster Recovery Boot Media supports the following two (2) Recovery Methods for *both Windows and* *Linux* Bare-Metal Restores.
* *Live CD* (Disaster Recovery Boot Media Version 3.18.1 and higher) - Download the CD-ROM ISO image, also referred to as Live CD. This ISO image should be burned to a CD-ROM using a CD-writer drive and any common CD burning software (see [Write ISO file CDs]). This method requires physical access to the computer to insert the CD-ROM. It cannot be easily automated or remotely initiated. See [Using Boot CD-ROM|Use [ServerBackup:Use a boot CD-ROM].

* *PXE Network Boot* (Disaster Recovery Boot Media Version 3.18.1 and higher) - With PXE Boot and an installed Server Backup it is possible to provide a hands-free, fully automated Disaster Recovery and re-deployment system for the entire data center. See [Use PXE network boot].