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Idera R1Soft designed the Linux Backup Agent CLI tools for use in shell scripts for users who prefer to use a command line interface over a Web interface. The following Linux Backup Agent CLI tools allow you to perform a variety of operations:
* {{cdp-agent}} is designed to start, restart, stop and view status of the Backup Agent
* {{serverbackup-setup}} is designed to manage the Keys of Backup Managers that the Backup Agent is aware of. The {{serverbackup-setup}} command line utility is used to manage the RSA Public Keys without having to cut and paste.

*To use the Linux Backup Agent CLI tools*:
# Establish an SSH connection to the Linux server where the Backup Agent resides. Idera R1Soft recommends using PuTTY as the SSH client because it allows you to paste text from the Windows clipboard by clicking the right mouse button. For more information about PuTTY or to download, see [|]. 
# Open a GUI terminal window, such as Konsole in KDE or a Gnome Terminal in Gnome, or log in to the text Linux console.
# Log in to the system using the root account. If you do not already have a root account, request root permissions after you log in using the {{su}} or {{sudo}} command.