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Follow the instructions below to add the Manager Public Key to the Backup Agent on your Server using the Windows Backup Agent Utility.

{note:title=Notice}Make sure the Backup Manager is running and the Manager port (default 80) and Backup Agent port (default 1167) are not busy by other applications. See also: [Restarting [ServerBackup:Restart Backup Manager], [ServerBackup:Configure Backup Manager ports], [Configuring and [ServerBackup:Configure Backup Agent Pport]. {note}

1. Run the Windows Backup Agent Utility. Read more in [Launch Windows Backup Agent Configuration Utility].
5. Enter the following information to inform the Utility how to contact the Backup Manager.
* *Filename* \- Enter Host name that will be shown in the "Installed Keys" list. The file containing Encryption Key will have this name.
{info:title=Note}There is backup configuration setting {{IPAuthentication}} that allows the system to check if the Filename matches IP. If {{IPAuthentication}} is "0," then the "Filename" value can be different from the "Server Backup Manager" value. See [Changing [ServerBackup:Change Windows Backup Agent Cconfiguration].

* *Protocol* \- Select "http" or "https" from the drop-down menu.
* *Idera Server Backup Manager* \- Enter the IP address or DNS Host Name that the Backup Manager uses.

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