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h3. Alternate steps may be needed when Bare Metal Restoring RHEL 9.2 and equivalent operating systems

If a driver is missing that is required to boot, you may see the following message in the boot logs :

*\[FAILED\] Failed to start Load Kernel Modules.*
*modprobe : FATAL : Module <kernel module> not found in directory /lib/modules/<kernelVersion>*

To rebuild the initramfs with the missing kernel module from the message above:

1. Boot the server in Secure Boot mode

3.&nbsp;&nbsp;Use the \--add-drivers option and specify the module name \[without.ko extenstion\] when manually building the initramfs with dracut:

*\# dracut \-fv \-\-add-drivers <kernel module> /boot/initramfs\-<kernelVersion>.img <kernelVersion>*