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CDP 4.0.1 (Stable) Release Notes

This release includes four product editions: CDP Standard Edition, CDP Advanced Edition, CDP Enterprise Edition, and Data Center Console.

Release Date: 06/14/2012
Build Date: 06/07/2012
Server/Agent Build Version: 4.0.1 build 17213
Released Module Version: 4.2.1 build 17028

When upgrading and a CDP Server is registered to a DCC Server, the DCC Server MUST be upgraded prior to any CDP Servers being upgraded. In other words, customers using DCC should ALWAYS upgrade DCC before upgrading any CDP Servers.
Upgrading from CDP 3.x versions to 4.x is seamless and fast. Download the latest 4.x installation package for your operating system, and your CDP installation will be automatically upgraded.

For more information on the issues resolved with the latest module version see: Module Release Notes.


CentOS Live CD

CentOS Live CD is a new feature (deliverable) added to the 4.0.1 release.

Includes Linux Integration Services for Hyper-V Virtual Machine Bare-Metal Restore

Updated Documentation Link

The "Help" icon in the product links to the latest documentation. Windows Installer has the correct link to the most recent documentation:

Solved Issue with Task History

Task History items were not listed for users with appropriate rights, and monitor.log had errors.

Solved Issue with Advanced Edition Not Having the Option to Add Control Panels from the Policy

The "Control Panel" tab is displayed by default when the Hosting Control Panels option is enabled in CDP Advanced Edition 4.0.1 build 17178.

Solved Issue with Bare-Metal Restore on RAID

While using a RAID-type Reiserfs configuration after running Bare-Metal Restore, there were error messages.

Sub-Users Cannot Create Disk Safes

Starting from CDP version 4.0.1, sub-users are no longer able to create Disk Safes.

Solved Issue with Last Day of Previous Month Scheduling for Archiving

While adding the Archiving schedule, the user selects "Monthly" and "Last Day" options. The archiving is now scheduled correctly.

Solved Issue Encountered While Installing Standard Edition

While installing Standard Edition, an error dialog appeared.

Solved Issue with LiveCD not Having Support for NTFS Filesystems

The new Centos LiveCD has support for NTFS-type partitions. Previously, users could not mount Disk Safes that were on NTFS partitions.

Solved Issue with Power Users Not Being Able to Select a Volume

Now, Power Users can select a Volume while creating a Disk Safe.

Solved Issue with Upgrade Breaking on Installations Older than 3.8.0

Users who have been upgrading since 3.8.0 may experience a broken database when performing the 4.0 upgrade.

Solved Issue with CDP4 _ Upgrade_ Errors displayed in Logs

After upgrading the CDP Server, error messages are displayed in logs during the database service shutdown.

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