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This document explains how to use the Licensing API to get updates on licenses for CDP 3.0 (Server Backup) application. This includes querying for creating, returning, upgrade, enabling, disabling, getting, deleting pool/specific licenses and license pools.

XML-RPC Method Calls

licensing.createPooledLicense struct createPooledLicense(string poolID, string product, Map features)
licensing.disableLicense struct disableLicense(String licenseID)
licensing.enableLicense struct enableLicense(String licenseID)
licensing.getLicense struct getLicense(String licenseID)
licensing.getLicensePool struct getLicensePool(String poolID)
  • array getLicensePools()
  • array getLicensePools(Map filter)
  • array getLicenses()
  • array getLicenses(Map filter)
  • array getLicenses(String poolID)
  • array getLicenses(String poolID, Map filter)
licensing.returnPooledLicenseFeatures struct returnPooledLicenseFeatures(String licenseID, Map features)
licensing.upgradePooledLicense struct upgradePooledLicense(String licenseID, Map features)
licensing.deletePooledLicense boolean deletePooledLicense(String poolID, String licenseID)

Method Parameter Descriptions

  • Map features - Key/value map of features and their quantity value.
  • Map filter - Key/value map of filters and their value.
  • String poolID - ID (UUID) of the license pool you allocate CDP licenses from.
  • String licenseID - ID (UUID) of the CDP license key you created from a pool.
  • String product - The product type of the license ('CDP Server Stand Alone (Windows)', 'CDP Server Stand Alone (Linux)').

Many of the methods return Maps or take Maps as arguments. These maps may have different key/value mappings depending on the context. The maps basically represent different objects. These objects and their corresponding key/value mappings are described below.

Filter Map

The Filter Map can be used for both the products CDP 2.x and 3.x.

Name Type Description
Type String Type of License ('Perpetual', 'Heartbeat', 'Trial', 'Pooled License').
Enabled Boolean Whether or not license is enabled.
Installed Boolean Whether or not license is installed.
Server Description String Description of server on which license is installed.
Product String Product type of the license.
Features Map
Name Type Description
CDP 3 Generic Agents Integer Number of Generic Agents.
CDP 3 MySql Backups Integer Number of MySQL add-ons.

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