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For Server Backup 5.2.x, you must upgrade the components in the following order or your backups may fail:
  • Data Center Console (if applicable)
  • Backup Manager
  • Backup Agent

To upgrade the Backup Agent to version 5.x on Linux, log in to the server and perform the following steps.

Notice for Version 5.x
Because of the product name change from "CDP" to "Server Backup," you will be unable to upgrade from a pre-5.0 agent using apt-get upgrade.
Instead, you will need upgrade using either apt-get dist-upgrade OR apt-get install <package name>.

To upgrade the Backup Agent from 5.0.2 to 5.2.0 on Linux, follow the instructions below.

1. Perform the following manual steps before the upgrade:

Stop the Backup Agent by executing the following command:

service cdp-agent stop


/etc/init.d/cdp-agent stop

Verify that there are no running or defunct cdp-2-6 processes by running:

ps ax | egrep –i c[d]p

2. Proceed with the upgrade:

apt-get update

followed by

apt-get upgrade


apt-get install serverbackup-enterprise-agent

3. Start the new Server Backup Agent:

/etc/init.d/cdp-agent start

To verify the 5.2.0 Agent is running, run the following command:

egrep "Agent Version|Starting" /usr/sbin/r1soft/log/cdp.log | tail -n2

Make sure you have a backup of the installation directory before upgrading.

Run the following commands:

apt-get dist-upgrade


apt-get install serverbackup-agent

After the upgrade is complete, execute the following command to make sure that version 5.0.0 has been installed:

dpkg -l | grep serverbackup

agent agent Delete
upgrade upgrade Delete
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