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A Policy can replicate data on Manage devices assigned to the Disk Safe selected for this Policy.

Adding Devices procedure is performed in cases when the "Automatically add new devices" option has been unchecked during a Disk Safe creation. Note that this option is enabled by default.

Follow the instructions below to add Device(s) to the Disk Safe in the Backup Manager.

1. Access the "Devices" tab of the "Edit Disk Safe" window. For the detailed instructions see Access devices.

2. In the "Devices" tab, click on "Get Devices from Server."

3. All Host Devices will be listed in the "Devices On Server" pane.

The following information is displayed in the table:

  • Mount Point
  • Capacity
  • Content Type

See the description in Access devices.

To display the details about the device, click on the "Detail" icon of device in the list. See Access devices.

4. Click on the "Add" icon. This will assign the Device to the Disk Safe.The Devices will appear in the "Devices In Disk Safe".

If you do not assign the Device to the Disk Safe, and then click on the "Save" button, the following message will appear. Assign the Device again.

5. After you have assigned all necessary devices, click the "Save" button.

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