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The Backup Manager Localization is a service that translates the Server Backup Manager interface into other languages. On the Language Settings screen, you can set the default language and time zone for Server Backup Manager. You can also upload other language packs to SBM while it is running without restarting.

1. To configure language settings for the Backup Manager, click Advanced Options in the Main Menu and select Language Settings. The Language Settings screen displays as shown in the following image.

2. In the Default Language field, you can set the default language for the entire Server Backup Manager interface. Available languages include English, Spanish, and Japanese. 

3. In the Protected Machines Timezone field, you can choose and set the time zone. There are numerous time zones listed in the drop-down menu with city and country names. The operating system's timezone is selected by default, but can be changed.

4. (Optional) Select the Remember Login Details check box to save the username and language selection on the main Login screen. 

If cookies are disabled in the user’s browser, the option will not save the data.

5. Click the Save button to save the settings. 

6. To upload more language packs to use in Backup Manager Localization, click the *Upload Language File *button.

The File Upload window displays.


7. In the File Upload window, click the Browse button and select the .properties file from your local filesystem.

File names should be in the proper format used for language specification.

8. Click the Upload button. A confirmation message displays.

9. Click OK to close the confirmation message window. The new language has been uploaded and is now listed Default Language field.

The list of languages is displayed in the default language. For example, if you have chosen Spanish as your default language, the language selection menu shows the list of languages in Spanish.

After your settings are saved, they are stored in a new properties file called It contains three values.

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