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Server Backup Manager is cross-platform, high performance backup software. Installing Server Backup Manager on a Linux or Windows machine allows you to protect data on both Linux and Windows servers through installed CDP Agents. All features for both Linux and Windows are available regardless of the operating environment used for your Server Backup Manager repository.

The Server Backup Manager (SBM) and Data Center Console (DCC) 5.12 release is the final feature release supporting these products running on Windows operating systems. Development efforts moving forward will focus on the SBM running on Linux operating systems. Critical updates will be provided for SBM on Windows through 2016, but there will not be any further software releases of the SBM supporting Windows after October 1, 2016. R1Soft will release product updates to provide migration support between SBM servers as well as convenience features assisting with the migration of entire SBM servers. For more information, click here.
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