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You can create a replica Disk Safe from any recovery point in the original, attached Disk Safe. Effectively, you can consider this a new seed created from an existing Disk Safe. You can also update the Disk Safe replica to a newer recovery point in the original Disk Safe. This updates only those blocks that have changed.

Disk Safe replication:

  • Can be configured at the volume or Disk Safe level.
  • Replicates the Disk Safe to the pre-configured path. Note that after the initial seed, only deltas are replicated to the alternate path.
  • Is enabled by first setting the Replication Path. You can access this setting by editing the volume or when creating a new Disk Safe that is not assigned to a volume.
  • Is configurable via the API.

To configure Disk Safe replication

  1. Edit the policy, and then either add or edit the archive schedule.
  2. Check the Replicate Disk Safe box.
  3. Configure the frequency, and then click Save.

Add the Replication Script when configuring the Replication Path

While configuring the replication path, you can add a replication script that runs after the replication is complete. This option allows for a user-defined script to run following the replication. Examples include a copy, an rsync to move the copy offsite, or even a script to write the copy to tape. Place the script in the /usr/sbin/r1soft/bin/scripts directory. Note that only the name should be specified in the Replication Script field.

Part 1: Setup Replication Path in Disk Safe or Volume

Part 2: Setup Replication Disk Safe Schedule by selecting check box

replicate replicate Delete
script script Delete
scheduling scheduling Delete
replication replication Delete
disk_safe disk_safe Delete
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