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The Linux Backup Agent offers a range of command line interface (CLI) operations and is the portion of the synchronization service that runs on the Linux server. You must install the Backup Agent on each Linux server where you want to use Server Backup synchronization services.

As the Linux Backup Agent does not require a GUI (X Windows system), you can install the Agent on the Linux server using only the text-mode interface. Note that the Backup Agent listens on TCP port 1167 for the backup and restore requests from Server Backup.

Server Backup for Linux requires the special Linux kernel module. Because this module is not included in the Server Backup software package, you must build the module using the available kernel sources. For more information about building the kernel module, see Build the Linux Backup Agent kernel module.

Understanding the Linux Backup Agent CLI

Below is a list of common questions specific to using your Linux Backup Agent CLI.

  1. What is a Linux Backup Agent?
  2. What are the Linux Backup Agent CLI tools?
  3. How can I change the Backup Agent configuration?
  4. How can I start the Backup Agent?
  5. How can I stop the Backup Agent?
  6. How can I restart the Backup Agent?
  7. How can I view the Backup Agent's status?
  8. How can I view the Backup Agent's version?
  9. How can I install the kernel module?
  10. How can I manage manager keys?
  11. How can I test the connection?
  12. How can I set the bind address?
  13. How can I set the port on which the Backup Agent listens?
  14. How can I get the bind address?
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