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Bakbone APM for MySQL

Bakbone MySQL APM adds a Win32 GUI to mysqldump
Bakbone sells the MySQL Application Plugin Module for their Bakbone backup software for Linux.  The Bakbone MySQL APM is capable of doing backup and restore using the SQL Database Dump.  Backups schedules are automated using a Windows 32-bit graphical user interface. 

How Does Bakbone APM for MySQL Work?

Bakbone simply uses runs the mysqldumputility included with MySQL to take backups.

This is taken from the BakBone MySQL APM User's Guide:
"mysqldump - This component allows you to perform backups/restores of multiple types of MySQL storage engines"

Bakbone Point-In-Time MySQL Restore
Bakbone does advertise support for point-in-time recovery using MySQL binary logs.  The feature is more form than function as the Bakbone restore functionality consists of copying the binary log to the MySQL server.  From there the administrator must manually use the mysqlbinlog utility to actually perform the restore. 

Archive Type Tape or Virtual Tape Library
MySQL Storage Engines Supported All
Supported O/S All
Binlog Backup & Restore Yes
Zero Business Interruption (Online Backups) No
Granular (Table Level) Restore
Easy to Use Graphical User Interface
Complete Server Protection (Backup All Data or just MySQL?)
Backup Type
Full (Incremental with Binary Logs)
Backup Window Length
Server Disk I/O and Load Impact

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