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InnoDB ibbackup

Oracle's InnoDB Hot Backup Utility

Oracle owns Innobase which makes the ibbackup InnoDB command line backup utility.  While ibbackup can do SQL dumps of MyISAM its primary use is InnoDB as it really adds no value for MyISAM over mysqldump. 

How Does ibbackup Work?

The ibbackup utility provides an online backup capability for InnoDB table spaces.  This is a great feature as it means zero business interruption during backups for InnoDB.  You can run ibbackup without shutting off or even locking tables during the backup.  ibbackup works by reading the InnoDB journal log file and table space at a very low level to provide a point-in-time backup of the InnoDB table space while MySQL is writing to the table space. 

Archive Type Disk
MySQL Storage Engines Supported InnoDB (only SQL dumps for MyISAM)
Supported O/S All
Binlog Backup & Restore Yes
Zero Business Interruption (Online Backups) Yes
Granular (Table Level) Restore
Easy to Use Graphical User Interface
Complete Server Protection (Backup All Data or just MySQL?)
Backup Type
Backup Window Length
Server Disk I/O and Load Impact

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