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MySQL 6.0 Alpha Online Backup API

What Does It Really Do

The MySQL Hot Backup API is MySQL's answer to the commercial backup software vendors. It's goal is to make an API for doing Online type MySQL backups.  It is a big goal and will represent a significant improvement over mysqlhotcopy for MyISAM backups.

For years the commercial backup software vendors have been telling MySQL AB: "build as an API and we'll build hot backup apps!"

Implemented and Not Yet Released (MySQL 6.0.5 )

  • Online Backup without Interruptions for InnoDB and Falcon storage engines.
  • SQL Interface for Initiating Backups
  • BACKUP DATABASE databasename1, databasename2 TO "filename.backup";
  • RESTORE FROM "filename.backup";

Limitations Still Being Worked Out

  • Can't backup replicated Databases
  • No backup of database privileges
  • No selective (table level) backup and restore
  • No Compression
  • No MyISAM support

    Category Online
    Archive Type Disk
    MySQL Storage Engines Supported InnoDB & Falcon Only
    Supported O/S All
    Binlog Backup & Restore No
    Zero Business Interruption (Online Backups) Yes
    Granular (Table Level) Restore
    Easy to Use Graphical User Interface
    Complete Server Protection (Backup All Data or just MySQL?)
    Backup Type
    Backup Window Length
    Server Disk I/O and Load Impact

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