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MySQL Replication Slave for Backup

Slaves are hard workers.

Replication Can be Paused on Slave to Allow Point-in-time backups. Long backup operations can proceed without disrupting other servers. Backup Disk I/O isolated away from customer facing servers.  A challenge some deployments experience is that for larger databases or especially those that are write intensive is that long pauses in replication required for backup using tradition tools like mysqldump or mysqlhotcopy can be problematic for the replication. 

Category Legacy
Archive Type Disk
MySQL Storage Engines Supported Replication Required
Supported O/S All
Binlog Backup & Restore Yes
Zero Business Interruption (Online Backups) Yes
Granular (Table Level) Restore
Easy to Use Graphical User Interface
Complete Server Protection (Backup All Data or just MySQL?)
Backup Type
Full (Incremental with Binary Logs)
Backup Window Length
Long Replication Pauses Can be Problematic
Server Disk I/O and Load Impact
No impact on live servers!

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