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Why mysqlhotcopy Is Not So Hot

mysqlhotcopy is a command line utility provided with MySQL that automates the process of taking of doing a lock and copy on MyISAM tables.  Read more about the lock and copy MySQL backup method.  

How Does mysqlhotcopy Work?

mysqlhotcopy sounds as if it should be an online or "Hot" backup method.  It is not.  The challenge with mysqlhotcopy is that it must hold table locks for the duration of the entire MyISAM backup.  This means the database is unavailable while tables are being copies.  For most production environments this rnders mysqlhotcopy usless unless it is used during maintenance periods where down time is acceptable.  mysqlhotcopy is some times used with great success to take a backup copy of a MySQL Slave replica in larger production environments.

Archive Type Disk
MySQL Storage Engines Supported MyISAM Only
Supported O/S All
Binlog Backup & Restore No
Zero Business Interruption (Online Backups) No
Granular (Table Level) Restore
Easy to Use Graphical User Interface
Complete Server Protection (Backup All Data or just MySQL?)
Backup Type
Backup Window Length
Server Disk I/O and Load Impact

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