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How To - Change the agent network connection timeout

At times it may be necessary to increase the amount of time the Server Backup Manager waits for the agent to respond. The default timeout is 30 minutes. 
Increasing the timeout can be helpful when backing up larger partitions with large block maps, or when backing up extremely busy servers. 

Additionally, replication tasks may fail with an error similar to : 

Could not complete backups on any devices deleting recovery point #XXX Socket timed out after waiting for more than 1,800 seconds to read/write


1.  Edit the following file on the Backup Manager:


2. Change the following line to adjust the timeout: 


The default timeout is 1800 seconds. When increasing the timeout to correct a failing backup, we recommend starting with double the default number of seconds. If more time is needed double the number of seconds again until the backup completes successfully.
3. Save and exit the file.
4. Restart the Backup Manager:

Place the SBM in maintenance mode and allow all tasks to complete. Then execute the appropriate service restart command for your operating system.

# /etc/init.d/cdp-server restart OR # service cdp-server restart OR # systemctl restart sbm-server

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