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Under certain circumstances it may be necessary to map a source Disk Safe to a different Remote/Target Disk Safe ID, in a Remote Replication setup.

The Target Disk Safe ID specifies the UUID of the Disk Safe on the Target SBM for use with Replication. Changing this value can have adverse effects such as accidentally targeting a Disk Safe already in use. This should only be performed if there is a clear reason and not as a general troubleshooting step.
1. Log into the Source SBM and click on Settings, and then Disk Safes:

2. Locate the Disk Safe being replicated, and click the Actions icon (blue gear) on the right side.

Click Edit Disk Safe :

3. Click the Replication tab :

Mouse-over the information symbol in the lower right. If the symbol is not visible, you may need to maximize your browser window :

A Pop-up window will appear with information about this ID. You must select "I understand the risks, let me edit this field." in order to continue :
4. You may now update the Target Disk Safe ID field with the new Remote Disk Safe UUID:

5. Lastly, click Save to apply the changes :

NOTE: This change will trigger a full block scan the next time the disk safe is replicated.
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