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When some users upgraded to Server Backup Manager version 5.14.3 build 428, they could not view databases for old Disk Safe recovery points. The data was not lost; it was a simple mapping issue. With this in mind, R1Soft has released the MySQL Repair tool, which will restore the mapping and update the new metadata.

For the tool to work, you will need a Disk Safe containing the original 'metadata' folder as well as the new 'metadata2' folder. When the tool has been installed and completed, users will be able to reopen the recovery point screen and browse databases for old recovery points.


To install the MySQL Repair tool, access and download the MySQLRepair.tgz file. Extract the file using the following command:

tar -xvzf MySQLRepair.tgz

To prevent further issues, the target Disk Safe should be closed before the MySQL Repair tool runs.

Access the MySQLRepair directory and execute the following command:

./fixit -dsPath $PATH_TO_DS

In the previous command, "$PATH_TO_DS" represents the folder that contains the 'metadata' and 'metadata2' folders, i.e. ./fixit -dsPath /Volume/MySQL/fd123336-a4e5-2345-6789-1abc2c345dde

The message "Update complete" displays when the tool is finished running. To verify that the MySQL Repair tool installed properly, login to SBM, open the Disk Safe, browse recovery points and verify that the "Browse Databases" icon is enabled. Then, perform a restore of any MySQL database.


  • Remember to close the Disk Safe to be fixed before running the MySQL Repair tool.
  • New recovery points created after upgrading to version 5.14.3 build 430 will not be affected by the use of this tool.
  • The fix can be applied in 5.14.3 build 428 or build 430.
  • This tool is solely for the use case where the Disk Safe can be accessed after a successful conversion, but the customer cannot view databases for recovery points created before the upgrade. This tool cannot be used on a Disk Safe that has not been converted.
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