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Page: Shipping 64-bit Agent Utilities
64bit utilities, e.g., LVM, must be shipped with the 64bit Agent. The issue has been corrected in CDP 4.2.0. 64bit utilities, e.g., LVM, are now shipped with the 64bit Agent ({{lvm.static}} is now the 64bit version). Therefore, users can now ...
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Page: Solved Issue with Agent Hostnames Containing a Dash
Users cannot add an Agent with a hostname containing a hyphen or dash. The server refuses to add it and gives this error message: invalid hostname The issue has been corrected in CDP 4.2.1.
Page: Solved Issue with Agent Trying to Access a Stopped Snapshot
During a backup, the Agent stops and unmounts the snapshot, immediately tries to read from it, and fails. 2012Jan25 23:02:10,DEBUG,,Unmounting snapshot device /dev/hcp1 2012Jan25 23:02:10, INFO,,Stopping snapshot for device '/dev/sda3' with id 1 ...
Page: Solved Issue with Agent Uninstall Breaking VSS
Uninstalling Windows CDP Agent (on Version 2.0 or 3.0) breaks the VSS engine on Windows XP. The issue has been corrected in CDP 4.2.0. CDP Agent uninstalls cleanly, leaving VSS in a working state
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Page: Solved Issue with Driver Consuming All Memory if Agent is Stopped During a Snapshot
the {{cdpagent}} service is stopped while taking a snapshot, the system eventually consumes all memory for the driver, which is not displayed in the {{ps}} associated with the process. Each time, it causes service degradation and considerable increases in customer service requests. The issue ...