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Page: Solved Issue of CDP Server Service Not Starting Automatically
Windows (64bit only) CDP Server service (cdpserver service) does not start automatically after an installation or upgrade. RPM upgrades require a CDP Server reboot. Starting the service manually works fine. The issue has been corrected ...
Other labels: install, reboot
Page: Solved Issue with Auto-Start Not Working under Debian
Autostart does not work for the CDP Server or Agent installed on Debian. Only a manual {{/etc/init.d/cdpagent}} start helps. The issue has been corrected in CDP 4.2.0. Both the Agent and Server are autostarted after a reboot and upgrade on Debian. The Agent ...
Other labels: debian, upgrade
Page: Solved Issue with CDP Server Not Starting After Upgrade
issue happens when upgrading from Version 3.18 to 4.0 on Debian or Ubuntu (on Debianbased distros). Steps: Upgrade CDP Server using the following command: {{aptget install r1softcdpenterpriseserver}} or {{aptget upgrade}} The issue has been corrected in CDP 4.2.0. ...
Other labels: debian, upgrade, ubuntu
Page: Solved Issue with Restarting Agent
Stopping/starting manually works fine, but restarting does not. When executing {{/etc/init.d/cdpagent restart}}, the init script starts the Agent before it has completely shut down. If the Agent has an open connection, it takes up to 60 ...