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Page: About the Windows Agent Configuration Utility
Backup Agent Utility is a Windows application automatically installed together with the Backup Agent on the same machine. The Utility provides access to the common functions related to the Backup Agent. The Backup Agent Utility is available on the machine with the Backup Agent installed. On the machine where ...
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Page: Add key to Linux Backup Agent
security reasons, the Backup Agent accepts connections only from known Backup Managers. To authorize a Backup Manager to the Backup Agent, you must add the Backup Manager public key to Agent configuration. Use the following steps to add the Backup ...
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Page: Add the key to Windows Backup Agent
order to keep the Backup Agent secure, connections are only accepted from specified Backup Managers. To authorize a Backup Manager to backup the Server, you must first add a key of the Backup Manager to the Backup Agent. The Windows Backup Agent Configuration ...
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Page: Configure Backup Agent
General description of the available configuration options for the Backup Agent. Instructions on how to configure the Backup Agent
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Page: Deploy Agent Software from Backup Manager
You can use the Deploy Agent Software feature to install the Agent software via the Backup Manager interface. This feature is available directly from the Protected Machines page in the Actions menu for a protected machine. The Deploy Agent feature remotely ...
Page: Install and upgrade Backup Agent
Server Backup 5.2.x and later, you must upgrade Server Backup Manager before upgrading the Agent. Failure to follow this procedure may result in failed backups. General information about installing and upgrading the Backup Agent
Page: Install Backup Agent on CentOS, RHE, and Fedora manually
watch a video explaining how to set up the backup agent using CentOS, click here 1. Installing Backup Agent Using YUM 1.1 Configure YUM Repository YUM is the easiest way ...
Page: Install Backup Agent on Debian and Ubuntu manually
Option 1 Install the Backup Agent using APT Configure an APT repository on Debian and Ubuntu to install the Backup Agent using apt. This repository also helps to manage upgrades of the Backup Agent in the future. For more information about upgrading ...
Page: Install Backup Agent on Linux
Installing the Backup Agent Server Backup users can utilize the remote deployment feature when installing the Backup Agent, or they can install the Agent locally. The following methods allow you to deploy the Agent: Deploy remotely. On the Protected Machines ...
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Page: Install Backup Agent on Windows
two methods of installing the Backup Agent: Deploying Remotely. 1) Using the Deploy Agent Software feature in the Actions menu on the Protected Machines screen or 2) selecting the Deploy agent software now check box when adding a new ...
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