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C:\R1Soft-CDP-Advanced-Edition-win32-4.0.0.exe C:\R1Soft-CDP-Advanced-Edition-win64-4.2.0.exe /S /D=C:\tmp

{{/D}} specifies the destination directory. In our example, it is {{C:\tmp}}, but it can be any temporary directory.

2. The destination directory will contain the following:

* {{cdp-agent-win32-4.0.0.exe}} {{cdp-agent-win64-4.2.0.exe}}
* {{cdp-server-win32-4.0.0.exe}} {{cdp-server-win64-4.2.0.exe}}
* {{CubicOrangeAD.dll}}
* {{Interop.ActiveDs.dll}}
* {{setup.exe}}

!cli2.png|border=1! !inst_dir_420.png|border=1!

h5. Installing CDP Server
1. Go into the {{tmp}} directory where you extracted the installer.

2. To install CDP Server Advanced Edition, use the {{cdp-server-win32-4.0.0.exe}} {{cdp-server-win64-4.2.0.exe}} installer with command-line options. Here is an example:
C:\tmp\cdp-server-win32-4.0.0.exe C:\tmp\cdp-server-win64-4.2.0.exe /HTTP_PORT=”80” /HEAP_SIZE=”1024” /HTTPS_PORT=”443” /SERVER_USER_NAME=”admin” /SERVER_USER_PASS=”r1soft” /LOCAL_ACCOUNT=”FALSE” /ACCOUNT_NAME=”” /ACCOUNT_PATH=”” /ACCOUNT_SCHEMA=”” /ACCOUNT_PASSWORD=”” /INCOMPATIBLE=”FALSE” /ADVANCED_EDITION=”TRUE” /UPGRADE=”” /D=C:\Program Files\R1Soft CDP Advanced Edition

Go into the {{tmp}} directory where you extracted the installer, and use the following command to install CDP Agent:
C:\tmp\cdp-agent-win32-4.0.0.exe C:\tmp\cdp-agent-win64-4.2.0.exe /D=C:\Program Files\R1Soft CDP Advanced Edition