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It is possible to install Windows Agent and Server via the command line interface. This is useful for companies that have hundreds of machines, as automated installation does not require you to log into each machine in order to install the software.

The *"Silent" installation* option allows you to skip the graphical wizard. All options are defined in the Command Line. The installer displays no prompts, messages, or dialog boxes. The user cannot cancel the installation. 

h5. Starting a Windows Command Prompt

Go to Start !! Programs Accessories !! Command Prompt.


Alternatively, you can go to Start !! Run !! type "cmd" (without quotes) and press <Enter>.


h5. Command Line Options

The Windows CDP Server installer supports a number of options. The following list identifies the standard command-line options for this program:
* /SERVER_USER_NAME (Required)
* /SERVER_USER_PASS (Required)
* /D
* /S

h5. Extracting the Installer

1. Extract the installer to the {{tmp}} directory:

C:\R1Soft-CDP-Advanced-Edition-win64-4.2.0.exe /S /D=C:\tmp


{{/D}}&nbsp;specifies the destination directory. In our example, it is&nbsp;{{C:\tmp}}, but it can be any temporary directory.

{{/S}}&nbsp;makes the command run silently, extracting the compressed file in "silent" mode, with no dialog boxes.

This command will not return any output.

2. The destination directory will contain the following:

* {{cdp-agent-win64-4.2.0.exe}}
* {{cdp-server-win64-4.2.0.exe}}
* {{CubicOrangeAD.dll}}
* {{Interop.ActiveDs.dll}}
* {{R1SoftCoreInstall.exe}}
* {{dotnetfx.exe}}
* {{conf}} (folder)
* {{pages}} (folder)
* {{install.exe}}
* {{setup.exe}}


h5. Installing CDP Server

1. Go into the {{tmp}} directory where you extracted the installer.

2. To install CDP Server Advanced Edition, use the {{cdp-server-win64-4.2.0.exe}} installer with command-line options. Here is an example:


3. Once the installation is done, find the&nbsp;{{config-enterprise.conf}} file in the directory where CDP Advanced Edition is installed. Rename it to {{server.conf}}.


h5. Installing CDP Agent

Go into the {{tmp}} directory where you extracted the installer, and use the following command to install CDP Agent:
C:\tmp\cdp-agent-win64-4.2.0.exe /D=C:\Program Files\R1Soft CDP Advanced Edition